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The Royal Town Of Sutton Coldfield
The Royal Town Of Sutton Coldfield
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Sutton Coldfield swimmers take the plunge in Sutton Parks icy pool - local news
Crazy Sutton Coldfield swimmers braved sub-zero temperatures for an annual festive plunge yesterday as the country enjoyed a white Christmas.

Around 80 brave individuals knocked holes in the frozen Blackroot Pool in Sutton Coldfield, before plunging into the ice-cold water.

Former organiser Peter Moore, a member of Sutton Coldfield Rugby Club, commented: Two years ago people simple dived straight in and had a good thrash around.

But last year Blackroot pool was also covered in ice, so someone bashed a hole in it so people could get in one at a time.

Of course, its not much fun queuing up in the cold. Its better to just dive in and then get out as quickly as you can!


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Posted On:  26 December, 2010
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Friday: light snow showers
Max Temp: 4°C (39°F), Min Temp: -3°C (27°F), Wind Direction: E, Wind Speed: 24mph, Visibility: moderate, Pressure: 994mb, Humidity: 67%, UV risk: low, Sunrise: 07:37GMT, Sunset: 17:15GMT
Saturday: light snow showers
Max Temp: 3°C (37°F), Min Temp: -2°C (28°F), Wind Direction: NW, Wind Speed: 14mph, Visibility: good, Pressure: 994mb, Humidity: 80%, UV risk: low, Sunrise: 07:34GMT, Sunset: 17:17GMT
Sunday: light snow showers
Max Temp: 3°C (37°F), Min Temp: 2°C (36°F), Wind Direction: SW, Wind Speed: 8mph, Visibility: good, Pressure: 991mb, Humidity: 64%, UV risk: low, Sunrise: 07:32GMT, Sunset: 17:19GMT