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The Royal Town Of Sutton Coldfield
The Royal Town Of Sutton Coldfield
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Sutton Coldfield home owner slams council tactics ar Sutton coldfield recycling centre
Sutton Coldfield businessman Chris Hendon is concerned the council may make unannounced visits on tip users to check waste.

AN ANGRY householder from Sutton Coldfield has expressed anger at Birmingham City Council's approach to users of household recycling centres.

Chris Hendon from Somerville Road, Sutton Coldfield was concerned that the council requires van drivers who use its recycling centres, including Norris Way in Sutton Coldfield, to complete a form which states it may make 'a random inspection' of a users home, without notice to check waste disposed of is household and not trade.

The VW Caddy van driver who regularly uses the Sutton Coldfield facility to dispose of garden waste was shocked to find the new term on a form he was asked to complete when he visited last month.

The 56-year-old was aware users of large vans are asked to take waste to Tyseley but as an owner of a small van, he believes the requirement to allow an 'unannounced visit' is a step too far.

"This will encourage more people to fly-tip," Mr Hendon said.

"I pay my rates to Birmingham and I don't know why I should have to effectively give the council a warrant to inspect my home.

"Why can't they allow the people that work at the recycling centre in Norris Way to decide if the waste is trade or household.

"I have got quite a large garden and often go to the centre but when I went a fortnight ago this was the first time I heard about the new policy.

"I don't mind opening the doors of my van to be checked but I think allowing people into my house is an invasion of my privacy. It goes way beyond what is necessary for what it is trying to achieve."

Birmingham City Council state in their permit application form that it must 'protect the public funds it handles' A spokesperson for the council said: "The staff at the Household Recycling Centres, such as Norris Way, have a duty to ensure that all users are Birmingham residents depositing only domestic rubbish from their own property.

"To ensure this system is not being misused by businesses our operatives will on occasion ask more frequent visitors, or those using commercial vehicles, to supply further information and certify that the rubbish is not from a business source.

"As part of this process we require that an applicant provides their home address, and retain the right to visit the property to check the details supplied to us are accurate, should the need ever arise."

Posted On:  17 December, 2010
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