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The Royal Town Of Sutton Coldfield
The Royal Town Of Sutton Coldfield
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Animal Advice For Firework Season in Sutton Coldfield
This time of year can be very frightening for animals and there is some sound advice for helping your pets to keep calm.

1. KEEP YOUR CATS AND DOGS INDOORS, seems obvious but it really is essential
2. As night falls, close blinds and curtains and put the telly on or background music so some outdoor sounds are muffled
3. Don't make a fuss. You may want to comfort your animal if they seem to be frightend but this may signal to your pet that something is wrong and therefore make them more anxious. Of course you would need to intervene if your pet was likely to harm themselves.
4. Try to secure your pets. A loud noise may make your pet bolt and get confused and unable to find their way home so make sure doors are secured and lock the catflap, use a litter tray instead. Microchip your pet so they can be found if the do escape.
5. Try to walk your dog in the Daylight, not only is it easier for them but you can appreciate the beautiful Autumn colours in the various parks throughout Sutton Coldfield.

More advice can be sought from charitable organisations like the RSPCA and many products are available from pet stores in Sutton Coldfield to make the firework season less stressful for youe pets and you.
Posted On:  04 November, 2010
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