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The Royal Town Of Sutton Coldfield
The Royal Town Of Sutton Coldfield
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Sutton Coldfield Student tunes in to hear A-level results - local news
A Sutton Coldfield student, heard her A-level results for the first time when they were read out live on Kerrrang! radio.

Shannon Greaney, Kingstanding, Birmingham was studying at Birmingham Metropolitan College but unlike all her friends, she did not rush and tear open her results. Instead, she had arranged with Kerrang Radio Station! to read out her results live on its Radios Drivetime Show at 5.30pm.

This Sutton Coldfield students patience was well rewarded as she received an A in English Literature and Sociology and an A* in Philosophy.

Shannon said: It was tough to have to wait though, so by the time I was on the air and talking to DJ Kate Lawler, I was desperate for her to hand me the envelope with my results in!

When I found out how well Id done, I almost burst into tears, but was laughing at the same time because it was such an amazing moment.

To reward her hard work and bravery Kerrang! gave Shannon some concert tickets and a goodie bag with CDs and DVDs.

Opening my results on the radio is something Ill never forget. Im really grateful to the Kerrang! team and the College for making the day so special.

Sutton Coldfield based Shannon will now be travelling a distance from Sutton coldfield to study English at Lincoln University and has an ambition to be a teacher


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Posted On:  01 September, 2010
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