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The Royal Town Of Sutton Coldfield
The Royal Town Of Sutton Coldfield
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Police warning for Sutton Coldfield and Erdington sports car owners - local news
Police issue warning after rise in theft of high-end sports cars
HIGH-PERFORMANCE sports car owners in Sutton Coldfield and Erdington are being warned not to keep their car keys in the bedroom for their own safety following a recent spate of Sutton Coldfield burglaries.

West Midlands Police are advising Mercedes, Audi and Jaguar drivers to keep their cars in the garage but ensure their keys are out of sight but accessible after thieves have broken into homes or 'fished' keys out through letter boxes or insecure windows.

Inspector Sharon Naughton, from the force's criminal investigation department said: "We are currently experiencing an increase in the theft of high-end, high performance sports cars. "Advances in security methods can make it difficult to steal cars so a thief may first enter a home in order to obtain the car keys."

"In the unfortunate and unlikely event a thief breaks in to steal car keys, it's best the keys are still kept down stairs for the safety of the inhabitants.

"The good news is that officers across the force are working to effectively tackle this crime and we are making good progress but people still need to think about their own security."

Officers advised residents to keep windows and doors locked, keep keys out of sight and out of reach from outside the home but left downstairs if an intruder gains access, keep cars in a garage overnight, invest in a tracking device for high-end vehicles and to report any suspicious activity.

Anyone wanting more information can search for 'West Midlands Police security is key' on YouTube or visit the force's website www.west

Anyone who has been a victim of car crime, or any other crime, and needs basic help and advice about what to do, can call the West Midlands Police pre-recorded advice line on 0121 626 6663.

Drivers can also get advice by visiting the Safer Motors website at: www.westmid


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Posted On:  22 August, 2010
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