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terminal. But he still backing it. is something we should do. We should have done it a long time ago, Gardner said late last week. the right thing to do it the Christian thing to do. Sister Sharon Park, director of the Washington State Catholic Conference, isn afraid of the word suicide in explaining the opposition. we hold that life is a gift from God and it sacred and we to hold it as a gift, she says. certainly would be why we would not be supportive of assisted suicide. Christine Gregoire, a Catholic who counts Gardner as a mentor, said Tuesday that she prays for a cure for Parkinson I find it, on a personal level, very, very difficult to support assisted suicide, she told a group of reporters. Such concern isn confined to people of faith. For example, French, the manager of the opposition coalition, also represents Not Dead Yet, a national advocacy group for the disabled. French, 54, was left quadriplegic by a diving accident 40 years ago. He fears people with disabilities could be coerced into suicide, a

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