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Sutton Coldfield Events – Walmley Library

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

If your stuck for thngs to do with the kids this

summer take a look at our Sutton Coldfield events  page, we have just added some summer events to be held at Sutton Coldfield’s Walmley  library, more Sutton Coldfield events to be held at other Sutton Coldfield libraries coming soon.


Testimonial for Recommended Magazine – Sutton Coldfield

Monday, July 19th, 2010


most successful advertising we have experienced, we will definitely use Recommended again next time we have spaces to fill.
Jon – Water Babies
(Sutton Coldfield classes)


Sutton Coldfield Events

Friday, July 16th, 2010

Just added some new Sutton Coldfield Events, if you havent

planned your New Years celebrations and like me love the 80′s, take a look at our events sectionas the 80′s are coming to Sutton Coldfield at Sutton Coldfield Town Hall.


Recommended Sutton Coldfield – Fashion

Monday, July 12th, 2010

p>Here it is

– The first of our Recommended Sutton Coldfield seasonal fashion articles

Set sail for style this summer!

It can be as chic as a sailor pant and striped sweater look but, unfortunately, I have seen many a fashion victim go overboard with this look. Watching my friend leave the house in a striped jersey dress (with brass buttons,) anchor jewellery, a blazer and deck shoes almost made me cry. So here is a fail-safe guide to navigating your way through nautical fashion.

Firstly, you want to look like you own the yacht, not swab the decks, so make sure you keep the look smart. Don’t go getting that swallow tattoo yet either, you are aiming for French Rivera not Marseilles docks!

Think outside the box with accessories, you don’t have to go for the obvious. I found a gorgeous gold octopus cuff from Alkemie that is so unusual. There is nothing more chic than originality. Try customising a blazer by swapping the buttons for brass ones; a subtle way to update your wardrobe.

I have seen too many fatalities of this fashion walking around looking like Union Flags. Stick to two of the main colours only and accent it with the third; navy and white with a hint of red is a palette that all skin and hair colours can carry well. Adding a raffia clutch bag will neutralise those bright colours superbly.

Looking at Chanel and Jean Paul Gautier this summer, stripes are sticking around for the duration. Although we have been taught to fear stripes like pirates, chosen carefully they can actually work for you. Obviously avoid broad horizontal stripes, unless you are very slim. Instead opt for narrow to medium in navy – red is even worse for broadening your frame (think yacht not ocean liner.) Even better, go for vertical or a striped espadrille that simply gives the nautical look a coy nod.

This is a classic style and returns year after year. So, invest now and your summer wardrobe will last you for years to come.

Look out for our next Recommended Sutton Coldfield fashion article, keeping Sutton Coldfield residents up to date with whats in and whats not.


Recommended Sutton Coldfield – Keeping it topical

Monday, July 12th, 2010

Love it or hate it we have a coalition government, this months Recommended Sutton Coldfield topical feature attempts to tell the Sutton Coldfield public 10 things they dont know about coalitions.

Ten things you didn’t know about coalitions

Now that we are all enjoying “the new politics,” or “the worse possible outcome” as it was referred to before the election, it’s time that we all knew a little bit more about coalition governments. Here we go then…

We’ve been here before
The last UK coalition was in 1974 so you might assume that they’re something of a rarity. Actually there was a coalition government in 1885 between the Liberals and the Irish Nationalists. How things change!

It’s complicated
We’re used to coalitions of just two parties but that is much too straightforward for some parts of the world. Finland never has less than four in their coalitions and the United Progressive Alliance of India consists of no less than 13 separate parties.

Everybody’s doing it
Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Turkey, Israel, New Zealand and Switzerland all routinely have coalition governments. Is there anyone who doesn’t?

Over my dead body
Actually yes; the Americans have never had a coalition government despite 220 years of democracy. You’ve got yer Republicans on one side and yer Democrats on the other. Y’all take yer pick!

Isn’t it grand?
In addition to your usual cobbled together coalitions because no one managed to gain a majority you will sometimes get a Grand Coalition or unity government where the two main parties band together, usually at times of national emergency. We had one in 1939 and it worked very well – we won the war, didn’t we?

Dangerously unstable
In this country coalitions don’t seem to be built to last. The 1974 version lasted 8 months, the 1939 one lasted less than a year. Less than promising!

Solid as a rock
Some coalitions can stand the test of time. In Australia the Liberal Party is in virtually permanent coalition with the National Party – there are effectively only two parties in the lower house, the labour party and the centre right coalition. Could the same thing happen here.

Green power
Coalition governments are great for forwarding Green agendas. In both Ireland and Germany the Green party is currently the main coalition partner for the main parties in power.

My little brother
The arrangement of a main party propped up by a minor one is a common one – just look at Ireland, Germany and the UK. Be careful though; could this be a route to power for a party like the BNP?

Gone in 60 seconds
Not quite, but the shortest ever coalition government was in Canada in 1926. It lasted for the impressive total of 4 days before losing its first motion of confidence.

Look out for future Recommended Sutton Coldfiled topical features – Recommended’s unique take on whats happening at any given time


how to get your ex boyfriends back

Monday, July 12th, 2010

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Welcome to the first article in the Recommended Sutton Coldfield Wine & Spirits section

Bouzy Rouge

The Champagne region of France in the Marne was a wine-growing area befor

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e the invention of the eponymous wine with its secondary fermentation in the bottle. Still wines were made – both red and white. This tradition continues today with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir wines being produced. Because the still wine is produced in the Champagne region it has to conform to Appelation Controlee regulations for Champagne and thus, although the wines are not sparkling, they are bottled in the traditional Champagne thick glass bottles with a wired-on cork.

Bouzy Rouge is perhaps the best known of the still Champagnes. It is made entirely from the Pinot Noir grape and much of the production is used to colour white sparkling Champagne to make a pink Champagne.

But Bouzy Rouge is an excellent wine in its own right. The Pinot Noir is the grape from which the red Burgundies are made but the chalky soil and sheltered countryside of Bouzy produces a lighter wine. Bouzy lies to the South of the Rheims hills and the wine growing area is quite small and lies to the west of the village. Only about 25,000 bottles are produced each year so the price of the wine is quite high and can be as much as £25 per bottle. The most famous vintner in Bouzy is Georges Vesselle who is

the mayor of the village. He makes more conventional Champagnes also. His cellars were excavated by hand 9 metres deep in the Chalky Bouzy soil.

The name Bouzy Rouge often amuses the British. There was a wine bar of that name in Chelsea and now there are restaurants in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Southampton called Bouzy Rouge.

Despite the amusing name and novelty value Bouzy Rouge is a serious wine and is worth looking for.

Watch out for future Recommended Sutton Coldfield wine articles and some advice from local Sutton Coldfield off licences


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Monday, July 12th, 2010

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Welcome  to the first Recommended Sutton Coldfield recipe, this will be the first of many seasonal recipies provided by our Recommended Sutton Coldfield food expert.

Recommended Sutton Coldfield Recipe

Summer Pudding

Warm weather brings out the berries and there’s plenty out there to forage at the moment. Lovely to eat raw with sugar whilst watching Wimbledon but the kids love making summer puddings; be sure not to let them wear that white top you just bought for them!

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Serves 4
Cooking time 5 minutes
Preparation time 20 minutes + overnight marinade

1lb/500g mixed summer fruit (redcurrants, blackcurrants, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries)
4oz/100g caster sugar
1 loaf medium sliced white bread
2 tbsp cassis or blackcurrant cordial

1. Place the fruit in a bowl, pour over the sugar, cover with Clingfilm and refrigerate overnight.
2. The next day, pour the fruit and juices into a pan, add the cassis or cordial and bring to the boil, then take off the heat.
3. Line a suitable bowl with cling film, cut the crusts off the bread, then cut into triangles.
4. Dip the bread into the juices, then line the bowl, spoon in the fruit and the rest of the juice and place bread on top to cover the fruit.
5. Place a small saucer on the top and then a weight (bag of rice or sugar) then refrigerate for a couple of hours.
6. Turn out the pudding and serve with too much clotted cream.

Watch out for the next  Recommended Sutton Coldfield recipe coming soon!


Latest events in Sutton Coldfield

Monday, July 12th, 2010

Just input some new events in the Recommended Sutton Coldfield events section, as follows

If you have any Sutton Coldfield events to promote, please let the Recommended Sutton Coldfield

team know.


Testimony for Recommended Magazine – Sutton Coldfield

Friday, July 9th, 2010

p>”The quality of leads we

get through the Recommended Magazine are brilliant with a very high sales conversion rate”

Matt MwRoofline
(Sutton Coldfield Business owner)


New Business added – Think Big Leaflet Delivery

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

Sutton Coldfield based Think Big Leaflet delivery have been added to the leaflet Delivery category    .


Big Leaflet Delivery specialize in the distribution of advertising material to Sutton Coldfield and North Birmingham.  Leaflets, brochures and menus are their speciality.