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Testimony for Walmley Pages, Sutton Coldfield

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

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Sutton Coldfield Carnival is back

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Sutton Coldfield Carnival will be back at the end of June 2010.

Held on Meadow Platt, the fun packed Sutton Coldfield event is promised to provide local  visitors with a variety of entertainment, food and music.

The carnival, which has been running for over 20 years, saw more than 10,000 people attend the festivities in 2009.

“This year is expected to exceed that number and be the best carnival so far,” said Lee Houghton, chairman of Sutton Coldfield Carnival committee.

“As in previous years, we’ll aim to give all visitors a fantastic and joyous weekend – this is just the kind of uplift we all need in these trying times.”

Sutton Park’s Town Gate is the where the festivities will take place, with ‘LT Entertainments’ stirring up the crowds over the weekend. There will be performances from dance groups and singers, a dog show and exercise demonstrations.
The fun fair

will be rolling into Sutton park again too, as will the usual variety of stalls and displays. A wide variety of tasty food will also be on offer for those who get peckish.
“Sutton Carnival is organised entirely by volunteers who have been pulling out all the stops in recent months to arrange a carnival Sutton Coldfield can be proud of,” added Mr Houghton.
The Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield’s carnival, taking place over the weekend of June 27/28, is free to attend, and the money raised from traders will go to a number of local good causes.

Men Secret Issues – III

Due to the fear psychosis linked with the surgical methods of penis enlargement, men all over the world are in search of suitable non-surgical methods to achieve the same. The most popular non-surgical methods that men prefer today are the penis enlargement exercises. If you search the internet, you will find a very large number of penis enlargement exercises mentioned on several sites. Hence it becomes difficult to decide which method to adopt. And then there is the apprehension whether the method will actually work or not. Let us begin, therefore, with a discussion on how exercises help to make the penis larger.

The male penis is mostly composed of spongy tissue. This spongy tissue is lined around the urino-genital duct, the urethra, in two layers. Collectively these layers are called as the corpus cavernosa. In the normal (non-aroused) state, the corpus cavernosa is empty. Hence the penis droops down. This condition is called as the flaccid condition. But when the man gets aroused, the brain sends stimulus to the penis. This causes a flow of blood to surge into the tissues of the corpus cavernosa. The blood will normally fill the tissues to the maximum extent possible. Thus, the penis becomes erect.

Naturally, the level of erection will depend on how much blood is able to fill in the corpus cavernosa. Penis enlargement exercises work with this aspect. They make the spongy tissues of the corpus cavernosa freer, so that when the blood engorges in them, the penis will become larger in size.
natural penis enlargement
There are many exercises for penis enlargement as already mentioned above. Squeezing and jelquing are the two most popular ones.

Squeezing the penis means holding the penis tightly in the grasp till you can feel the blood surging inside it. When the blood has filled the penis completely, you must leave the penis. This could make the blood flow out of it, and the penis could become flaccid after a while. Repeat the procedure. The steps are squeeze – allow blood to flow – let go – squeeze again. Squeezing works much better if the penis is made erect. Then you can understand the pressure building up within the penis. However, even if the penis is flaccid, while you are squeezing it, it will become erect.

Jelquing is the second method of penis enlargement. This must be done quite carefully, or it might cause curvature of the penis. The penis is held at the base in a tight grip. Then, slowly but steadily, the hand is slowly moved upwards, i.e. towards the glans. The thumb is used to apply pressure on the entire length of the penis as it goes along. When the glans is reached, the hand is removed from the penis and replaced on the base. The entire movement is done again. Repeating for about twenty times a day is supposed to show effects.

There are many variations to jelquing. Some people use one hand for the entire process; while some use both right and left hands, alternating with each other. Also the posture is important. Some men prefer to jelq while standing, while some prefer sitting. However, there are men who admit to jelquing while lying on the back on a bed also.

While jelquing if a circular jerk is employed, then it can provide increase in the girth of the penis also. To do this, one must jelq as mentioned above. When the hand reaches the glans, then the penis is pulled and rotated in a clockwise manner. A moderate pressure should be felt elongating the penis. Once this is done, the penis must be jelqued in the same manner as before; but the rotation must be anticlockwise. Ten rotations in each direction are what are needed to achieve the purpose.

Needless to say, one must be very careful when performing any kind of massage on the penis. The massage should be discontinued immediately if there is any kid of pulling or tearing pain. If there is any bleeding – however minor – it should be shown to the doctor and treatment must be obtained.

Also, the massage should always be equal on both the sides. Massaging one side of the penis more than the other could lead to asymmetry and penis curves. At the same time, the entire length of the penis should be equally massaged.

Massage is a technique of penis enlargement with the least number of side-effects. The benefits may be slow, but people who have tried these methods do claim some degree of improvement. But, the main thing that goes in favor of penis exercises are that they can be treated as a form of sexual arousal. In fact, masturbation itself is a penis exercise. Hence, several people try out these exercises when masturbating. The end of almost all penis exercises is an ejaculation as one would achieve during masturbation.

Couples who are expecting a baby could also use these exercises as a way of gaining sexual nearness. The pregnant female partner could help the man relieve some of his sexual frustration by exercising his penis, while the man could do the same with her vulva. For a man, nothing is more pleasing than his sexual partner pleasing his penis.